Gatekeepers is an innovative game that uses cards and tokens in place of character sheets and paperwork.

In order to play it, you’ll need two things: the boxed set and the rulebook. You can save money by keeping some components digital.

Option 1: Hardcover, Hardcopy

The rulebook is available from, and it comes with a PDF.

The boxed set with cards and tokens is available from TheGameCrafter.Com.

These two links get you everything you need to play. The book will fit nicely inside the box.

Option 2: Digital Book and Real Cards

You get the box, and print the PDF of the book that comes with it, then put it in a binder. You save about $18 plus shipping. It’s the cheapest way of getting into the game without too much effort.

Option 3: Do It Yourself

You can download the print-n-play kit from DriveThruRPG.Com, along with the PDF of the rulebook, and then print and assemble everything yourself. You save some money, but put in some time and effort to make your game your own. It’s free, except for your time, paper, cardboard, glue and effort. How much is your time worth?

Option 4: God Mode

You do one of the options above, then download these source files for the cards, tokens and the world map. And then you make your own cards, write your own books and sell them online. This is the future, and future is open source. You will need to use Photoshop or similar software to open the PSD files.