Dashing Scoundrels

In a world of dazzling magic, airships and gunpowder, the Empire forged in conquest and slavery stretches sea to sea. But the core of its heart is rotten, and a revolution is brewing in the underbelly of its floating capital. How many rebels does it take to bring the whole House Huffington down?

Dashing Scoundrels is a pocket-sized tabletop roleplaying game. The whole game fits on 99 cards and two booklets. It is rules-light and tactics-heavy. It can be played with miniatures, dice and a grid around a table or with theater of the mind rules around a campfire, unplugged and unencumbered, where you draw cards instead of rolling dice, so you don’t even need a table.

This game is a spiritual successor to the Gatekeepers roleplaying game, taking place in the same fantastic setting about 200 years later, in the swashbuckling age of magical airships and dangerous gunpowder. Veteran players of the world of Feyhaven will find familiar species, icons and factions.

  • 50 playable species (because 14 is not nearly enough)
  • Draft a character (or a whole encounter) in seconds
  • Fast and scalable conflict resolution
  • Quantum stealth is back, fair for all
  • Powerful magic lets you shape the battlefield with traps and illusions
  • Loyalty of minions lets you win hearts and minds instead of fireballing the whole room
  • Fireballing the whole room for days, #GlassCannonLyfe

Dashing Scoundrels is available now on theGameCrafter.com.

Read the Q&A about the game with Dan Davenport.

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