Playtest Rule Booklet Updated!

The new Feyhaven Drunk & Disorderly rules booklet PDF is now available. Lots of little changes in version 5.5, following playtesters’ feedback across the country.

One of the things we found out is that some people love the idea of a low-stress party game where everyone is having fun and rules should not get in the way of that. Yet competitive players want to have ironclad rules for dispute resolution and enough control over their performance (as opposed to being entirely at the whims of dice and card fates) to actually be competitive.

We’re balancing to keep the sheep whole and the wolves sated, and what we’re doing is introducing optional extra hard modes “for the pros” and keeping the baseline gaming experience simple and accessible for everyone. In the back of the booklet there are two pages of optional rules that can make the game more funny, less random, more cooperative or more competitive, if that’s your thing.

Some of the feedback we got was that the worst experience is having opportunity cards that your character flat out can’t use. We are re-balancing these to make them more accessible. Opportunity cards need to be varied, and some will synergize with certain characters better than others, but we want to avoid the situation of opportunity starvation that can mess up your early game.

A lot of work went into making the rules less ambiguous and simpler to follow.

Among the changes in this revision:

  • Players may now earn some mischief for knock outs.
  • Reduced number of dice that need to be shipped with the game.
  • Dice mechanic changed for simplicity, less math and fewer re-rolls is less dice lag in the game overall.
  • Optional Drinking Game Rule added.
  • “Oooooh yeah!” buffed to create more mischief because the card is awesome.
  • Opportunity Cards that rely on Swords or Books exclusively now also count Clovers to be more accessible to various builds.
  • Optional expert triple stance rule now became a healing mechanic, meant for epic hard mode and fierce competition, if that is your thing.
  • Events that trigger on misses are rebalanced to account for the dice probabilities.
  • Game Setup Summary down to 8 steps.
  • Dark Elf – Silent Scream buffed to be more useful and selective.
  • Warrior – Not On My Watch now works similar to Bandit’s Cutthroat.
  • The First Dice Roll explanation is now significantly shorter.
  • Using Luck is no longer a thing. It was painful to go negative on your icons, so now you can’t. Yay!
  • Enrage – removed reference to re-rolls.
  • Interrupt Loops – formalized multiple people interrupting at the same time.
  • Attacking By Swords Minus Shields: wording changed to reflect the new dice mechanic.

Edit: corrected a typo on page 12 of the document.

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