We’re going to Carnage!

It has been almost a year without updates on the site. We have been busy juggling multiple projects, but now they’re going to become a lot more visible.

We’re going to Carnage Con this year, where we’ll be showing some of them.

Feyhaven Drunk & Disorderly is going to be there, once again. The rules have been streamlined for clarity. Depending on how this round of testing goes, we might be looking at a kickstarter campaign sometime this upcoming winter, but a lot of ducks need to line up in a row for this to happen.

On a completely different tangent, have you played Dungeon World? It is a table top role-playing game that is so unlike the rest of them, that it deserves all the recognition it can get. It’s a different mindset, for both the players and the GM. The rules are fast, simple and focused on the story; yet there can be no railroading, the prep work done by the game master is setting up the “fronts” and the questions to ask players, not so much plotting an entire adventure, because not even the GM knows what will happen.

I have written a Shadowrun “hack” for it; that is, these simple and fast rules can be used to play in the world of Shadowrun, notorious for complexity and praised for its style and atmosphere. You can download the PDFs from this reddit thread. You can buy official Shadowrun sourcebooks here. I will be running a Shadowrun game using my “hacked” rules at Carnage. So far, Running in New Orleans has been a blast. As always, I’m looking for constructive feedback.

But that’s not all!

Feyhaven is also becoming its own role-playing game. Its working title is Unfinished Business. It’s going to be a modern day urban fantasy setting, dealing with all sorts of paranormal creatures and activities, along with a parallel universe exploration. A playtest session of this game will be running at Carnage Con as well. The rules aren’t yet available for download; there is still a lot of work to be done.

Stay tuned for one more surprise coming in. But in the mean time, here’s Kobold Story, a two-page RPG I wrote for a contest last year. It got an honorable mention, so it can’t be terrible. In fact, a person recently messaged me thanking me for writing it; their group is still playing it.

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